A Proof of Concept API Service Tier

If you  have followed me over the years you know that I get very frustrated by the access or lack of access to APIs, as well as the services and tooling that target the sector. As someone who is perpetually kicking the tires of API providers and service providers, not being able to on-board at all, on-board without my credit card, or one of the many other ways companies introduce friction, I find myself regularly pissed off. So anytime someone makes my world easier, and accommodates my need, desire, and obsession with playing with every damn API tool out there I have to say something. Today’s example is from my partner in crime Tyk, with their proof of concept option 

Tyk acknowledges that most of us might not be ready for pro status—we just need to kick the tires a bit. I love this approach. It’s an evolution of the freemium model that I think is more honest and acknowledges the need to play around before entering in the credit card. This isn’t all about getting something for free or always being ready to pay for a service. This is about me getting access to your service, be able to develop my proof af concept (which I was able to do in < 10 minutes with Tyk), and then justify the cost of going pro with other stakeholders. Nice work Tyk—definitely what I like to see when playing with any API solution.