The Official Cloudflare API Postman Collection

I use Cloudflare for my DNS. I like the threat protection they offer, the dead simple DNS management, and their robust API. I automate the management of a handful of my domains. Providing maintenance on 100 of my API life cycle, couple hundred API landscape sites, and the range of tooling, APIs, and other side projects I have. I’ve written several times about how Cloudlare weaves their API into their UI, so I am happy to write about their new Postman collection for the complete Cloudflare API.

The Clouflare API Postman collection provides 447 individual API requests organized into different folders, making the entire surface area of the API much easier to navigation and make sense of what is going on. The Cloudflare API Postman collections gives you quick access to working with Users, Accounts, Organizations, Zones, DNS, Certificates, Workers, Firewalls, Load Balancer, Logs, and other essential infrastructure assets. I use about 1/20th of the valuable API resources Cloudflare provides, but I couldn’t operate my infrastructure like I do with out it. 

I have added the Cloudflare API Postman collection to internal Postman workspaces, allowing me to automate more of API infrastructure work. I haven’t expanded my usage of the Cloudflare API because I haven’t had time to kick the tires and learn about what is going on. With the Cloudflare API Postman collection I am able to quickly play around with different APIs and learn more about what is possible. I’ve been wanted to play with Cloudlfare workers for sometime, and think more about how I can use them to deliver or consume APIs at the edge, and the Cloudflare API Postman collection makes it easier for me to make the time to learn more about how it all works.

I’d love to see the Cloudflare API Postman collection get added to the Postman API Network. If you work at Cloudflare and are in charge of maintaining the Postman collection, all you have to do is click on the three dots no the bottom right corner of your collection in Postman, select Publish Docs, and choose to make available for discovery under the Postman network. It will make the collection more accessible to the 10M users across the Postman network, introducing them to the collection, and the Cloudflare API. It is a pretty powerful API collection, and it is something that should get more attention—which is why I am writing up this post. ;-)