Guest Post: Let Our Sponsors Blow A Little Smoke Up Your Ass

This is a guest post from one of our sponsors. We didn’t vet them as a sponsor, or the content they were going to write. We just cashed their check on the way to the strip club this evening, and gave the a Wordpress login, so they could post their post.

We aren’t in the business of understanding where the actual technology space is headed, we are in the business of telling you stories of where we want the technology space go, in the service our own selfish desires. You see we view technology blogs as a PR urinal for us to piss our stories into, so we all can pretend like they are real stories.

Our technology is a cloud based REST-like hypermedia API micro services framework, that is deployed in a web-scale, reactive, docker containerized environment that run anywhere in the cloud or on-premise within your infrastructure, or a hybrid of the two. Our technology is priced to serve you, so just let us know what you want to do with it and we’ll make up some price that we think you will pay.

Our product is what you need, and we are so convinced that we won’t even bother making up a story, we’ll just blow smoke straight up your ass. Since all of the tech blogs allow us to pay for the posting of our moose diarrhea, in your eyes, as a loyal reader and consumer of this shit, our technology immediately validated, solidifying it as the way of the future—it is the way it is, there is no denying the future.

P.S. Normally this type of story would be on Alternate Kin Lane, but I paid myself so much money I was able to buy a slot here on API Evangelist.