Contemplating Hypermedia When My Focus Is On Experience

I wish I had more time to spend on designing, and deploying APIs the way I desired. Without any real funding of individual APIs, I can only go so far with them, which usually doesn't go beyond the minimal viable API. However, even with this reality, I have two APIs I would love to see done right, and keep nagging at me.

One API is my curated news API, which I currently have a pretty bare bones JSON definition to represent each news article I curate from the API space (date, title, author, body, url). As I have time, I've been trying to craft a Siren representation of this same resource. The opportunities for exploration of my archive of curated API news going back to 2011 is pretty huge (in my opinion).

Recently, I've also been having delusions of a hypermedia enabled version of my audio API, which I use store audio files I find, create, or publish. It is a CRUD version of what I'd like to see, but recently I've been thinking of ways I could craft a more audible version of API Evangelist, but in order to do it right, I need a hypermedia enabled API experience.

For me, ,this takes hypermedia beyond many of the discussions I have been exposed to, moving my motivations into the realm of user experience, and not about building a client that will rule them all, or just as a matter of principle--I just want to deliver the right experience. How do I allow consumers of my audio API to define their own experience? How do I craft some experiences, based upon my view of the API space--as I see the world?

This is where hypermedia goes beyond the technical, and moves into the experiential realm where I'm hoping that I can manifest some more money to pay for tehse API designs to become a reality. ;-) Thank you for your support!