A Roundup Of API Meetup Groups In North America

The existence, membership, and activity around local API Meetup groups is one of the overall health indicators in the API space. I've long been a proponent of local API meetups, helping jumpstart the early API Craft gatherings, as well as helping new Meetup groups get off the ground.

As we move into 2016, it is a good time to take another look at what API Meetup groups exist, and here is what I found:

At @APIStrat, we use these numbers to help us decide where to put API conferences on, as on the ground support is crucial to making the event a success. I also consider the activity around these local Meetups a sign of how well the space is doing when it comes to outreach and evangelism across the entire industry. 

If I missed an API Meetup in your community, please let me know. If you'd like to start an API Meetup in your community, also please reach out, as I may be able to help you jumpstart your efforts with speakers, sponsors, and attendeess. However, ultimately you will have to do all the hard work of finding venues, and getting the word out locally, which if you do right, can be a very rewarding journey in my opinion.