Hacking on Amazon Alexa with AWS Lambda and APIs At @APIStrat

I'm neck deep in studying how Amazon is operating their Alexa platform, so I'm pretty excited about the chance to listen and learn from the Alexa team at APIStrat in Boston. Even if you aren't building voice-enabled applications, the approach to developing, managing, and evangelizing the Alexa platform provides a wealth of best practices that we should all strive to emulate in our own operations.

Rob McCauley (@RobMcCauley) from the Amazon Alexa team is doing a workshop, as well as a keynote at @APIStrat in Boston next month. This is relevant to what is going on in the wider space because voice-enablement is a fast-moving layer when it comes to delivering API resources, helping define what is being dubbed as the conversational interface movement, while also providing the best practices for a modern API strategy that I mentioned above.

There are a number of things that the Alexa team does which have captured my attention, including their approach to developing skills, their investment ($$) into their developers, and their overall communication strategy. I'm working on profiling all of this as part of what I call a blueprint reports, where I map out the approach of the Alexa team in a way that other API providers can put to work in their own operations.

I'm thinking I will have to wait until after @APIStrat to finish my blueprint report, as I'd like to attend the Alexa workshop, hear his keynote, and possibly even talk to him personally about their approach, in the hallway. I hope to see you there, and hear you share your story, even if you aren't on the stage at APIStrat, the hallways tend to be a great place to listen to the story of leaders from across the space, as well as share your own--no matter how big or small you might be.

Make sure you get registered for APIStrat before it is sold out, and I'll see you there!