Weekly API.Report For March 16th, 2015

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Phew!! This week was hard. I just couldn't find the mojo to plow through, but I did it. A little late on Monday evening, but still so worth doing--putting the week into perspective.

I'm still trying to assess the best balance with what I post as individual news stories on API.Report. I think more of this could be pulled out as actual news stories, but will have to see if I have the time. Overall I am happy with how the weekly API.Report is evolving, but there is so much more I could do.

The Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

I track on a lot of 3D Printing, but few of them are directly API related, finallky one that moves the conversation forward:

A handful of acquisitions I noticed this week, with one more stroy on last weeks IBM acquisition:

Several interesting API analysis related things I am tracking on:

Some API definition stories from me this week:

  • Crafting Exactly The API Definition You Need With Swagger Vendor Extensions · - Swagger vendor extensions were new to me, so I wanted to share the fact that they existed, in case you thought Swagger wasn't extensible. I will be using, and adding to the spec where it makes sense. 
  • What is ALPS? · - I'm working to better understand ALPS, and paying attention to conversations going on around it. What Mike and Mark are working on is important, and i just need to find some entry level use cases to help onboard people.

Some serious API deployment movement this week, with a couple of new offerings:

Some approahces to API Deprecation:

Mostly my own API design thoughts this week:

Again, mostly my own stories, but a handful of API discovery items this week:

A wide variety of API evangelism stories:

API integration related stories, with commerce taking over:

Some interesting shifts, and additions in the world of API management:

Thinking I'll keep breaking API monitoring, out of integration stories:

I can usually count on Zapier for one good API reciprocity story a week:

Like montoring, I will keep breaking out API testing stories into their own category:

I can usually find some API visualizations related stories, even it is more visualizaiton than just API:

Thought this was a very cool nod in the world of architecture:

Anything art related I can sneak in:

Two automobiles, API, and data related items:

Business of APIs is always a good catch-all bucket:

Putting any interesting API related job posts under what I call careers:

A small CDN related nuggest from AWS:

I call it city government, but put anything API, and data related to city operations here:

Always several cloud computing items to talk about betwwen AWS, Microsoft, and Google:

Two items standing out specifically dealing with cloud storage:

Didn't quite know how to categorize this one, so simply tagged as code:

Magento integrations was a big part of the commerce stories:

Not to much worthy enough talking about on the communications front:

Lighter lod of stories on the containerzation front:

Direct CORS stories isn't always something you see:

The always full list of data related stories I'm tracking on:

Some of the SDN related talks bleeding over into the data center:

Two database stories stood out this week for me:

Several education related items that caught my attention:

I'll keep an eye on election related stories as we get closer to 2016 here in the US:

  • Quick Sketch – Election Maps - I will be tracking on data, analysis, visualization, mapping and other areas in support of elections. I'm all about shaking things up here.

Two encryption related thougths:

Always makes me happy when there are energy related stories:

Two sides of the enterprise API conversation:

Always lots of activity in the federal government:

The financial world is continuing to heat up with API conversations:

Another interesting view on using GitHub:

Handful of hackathons stories:

Appled fueled healthcare stories:

One item to add to my history of tech stories:

API related talk in the home:

One hypermedia discussion to note:

Infrastructure conversations out of Netflix are often worth showcasing:

Some crossover with other areas in the world of Internet of Things:

Couple of items to note in the legal bucket:

I wish I had more library related items each week:

The always interesting concept of machine learning:

Three mapping related items:

TWo interesting items on microservices that I read:

When it comes to date I'm going to start slicing off open data specific related stories:

Movement on the outdoors API front out of the government:

  • Open Data for the Outdoors - A nice call to action around the RIDB, and work in federal government around recreation API. 
  • mheadd/node-ridb - My man Mark got inspired and build an SDK for the RIDB database. nice! 
  • Agencies tap into recreational data - A view, a little closer to the government press side. I'm tracking on all stories I come across, to show the full view of story from all sides.

Always something payment related to discuss:

Only one entry in the area of policing this week:

Politics of APIs is where I put all the politically charged ideas from the week:

The growing concern of privacy:

PubNub is always good for some real-time stories:

Reporting stories coming out of SalesForce has caught my attention:

Anything related to scraping and Kimono is worthy of talking about:

Couple of SDK specific stories were interesting:

Lots of security items this wee, with cross-over from a couple of other areas:

Two Single Page Applications (SPA) items:

Smart watches will probably be tracked on separately from IoT in the future:

Single social related items:

  • Introducing the MailUp App for Facebook - I do not see as many announcements regarding new apps on Facebook, figured I'd record when I do. Keep track of what is being deployed in this environment.

The hot topic of Software Defined Networking (SDN):

A story I did on spreadsheets, sparked some interesting discussions, and finds this week:

The important area of transparency:

An interesting take on how educated about API versions:

Wearables will be tracked on separatelky from IoT:

Two interesting weather items:

The API for Wikipedia sucked me in this week, and worthy of showcasing the wiki API tech behind it:

  • RESTBase docs - I idid not know about RESTBase. I'm looking into adding it to my API deployment and management research. I just need to understand it better.

A handful of Women in Tech stories in my feed this week:

That concludes my report on what I read last week across the API space. I'm still working on pulling together a summary e-newsletter version, allowing people to get an executive summary of what I thought was important from the week--I am hoping it will be available next week. I'm also going to auto-generate some visualizations, and summary counts for each week. I'd like to see a tag cloud, and overall counts to help me understand the scope of news I cover each week.

As I did last week, I'm walking away with a better awareness of what is happening across the space. It isn't enough for me to read all of this API news in isolation, it helps to see it side by side with other news, allowing me to see and understand patterns that I may have missed. 

Thanks for reading. ;-)


Updated November 27, 2015: Links were updated as part of switch from Swagger to OADF (READ MORE)