Seeing APIs is hard. APIs are very abstract, so having analytics and reporting that helps you see what is happening across API operations is essential. There are a lot of moving parts to API operations, and having a strategy for how you will measure, report, and analyze what is happening should be a part of your regular routine. Historyically, analytics has been part of our API management solutions, but we are seeing an unbundling occurs of analytics, reporting, and monetization, as the API universe continues to expand.

I am regularly trying to make sense of what is happening when it comes to API analytics, and you’ll find a variety of stories, vendors, and solutions covered here as part of this work. Ultimately I am seeing analytics become its own area of the API lifecycle, but still overlapping with management, APM, logging, and other ways in which data is gathered as part of operations. My goal is to just make sense of what is happening as things shift, not necessary be the complete reference of what is happening when it comes to API analytics.