AsyncAPI is a machine readable way to describe the surface area of your event-driven architecture (EDA). Following in the footsteps of Swagger and OpenAPI, AsyncAPI is rapidly become how you describe event-driven APIs that use a variety of protocols and patterns, providing you with the contract that you will need to document, mock, test, and communicate effectively across teams, stakeholders, and consumers. AsyncAPI helps get everyone on the same page and tame the increasingly sprawling event-driven landscape that has emerged across the enterprise.

AsyncAPI uses JSON Schema as the modeling and validation specification to describe message payloads, but then provides additional objects for describing channels, messages, binding,s and other building blocks of our event-driven infrastructure. AsyncAPI overlaps with OpenAPI in many ways, but goes well beyond OpenAPI when it comes to addressing the needs of a diverse enterprise API toolbox, supporting multiple approaches to producing and consuming APIs inside and outside the enterprise firewall.